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Review: No Requests - 'No One Knows What We're doing'

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Contrary to what we were all taught in grade school, we humans can describe reality in four dimensions; height, width, depth, and, as discovered today, the dimension of NO REQUESTS.

By Russell Miller

Published Friday, 27 September 2019 09:03

Many musicians poke around and prod at the fringes of music in attempts to bring to the masses something new. With today's release of 'Nobody Knows What We’re Doing Neither Do We', Chris van der Walt (Guitar) and Clint Falconer (Bass) have pooled their talent, recruited drummer Gareth Bunge and set out to push the boundaries of aural perception while simultaneously challenging laws on which the known universe is believed to abide by.

The NO REQUESTS dimension is one that the lead single 'Choir on Fire' tries its very best to ease into. It begins as a tease of something you'd expect from a stoned love child of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and PRIMUS before turning the proggy out-of-this-world musing up to 11 for the remainder of the EP. There are no words that can aptly describe what follows from then on, but it is an experience and a half to be sure.

Though not a inviting collection for those seeking a nice 4-minute jingle, an infectious headbanging groove resides in the title track and the penultimate song 'Nobody Knows What We're Doing Neither Do We'. This track engages full funk with an intoxicating combination of riffs that are guaranteed to send you travelling faster than light to a world of pure musical bliss. In point of fact, the riffs in this track are so addicting that you will probably find yourself replaying it multiple times before moving on as it is the shortest of the 4 tracks.

Clocking in at a humble 26 minutes, this EP is a listen that offers more than it seems to on the surface. NO REQUESTS threw caution to the wind, embraced the unconventional and produced a trip that is out of this world, parts of other worlds and laughs at this world. Music is probably the most subjective thing known to man, and even then there is not much our ears have not heard but try telling that to this trio. Check out the EP below and enjoy the journey!

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Psychedelic Folk Rock

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No Requests

No Requests

  • Psychedelic Funk Rock

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About No Requests

No Requests is a psychedelic funk rock band with Chris van der Walt, Clint Falconer, and Gareth Bung


No Requests - Nobody Knows What We're Doing... Neither Do We

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