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Review: Parts X Fiction – ‘Parts X Fiction’

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Parts X Fiction’s new album is sure to be a hit!

By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 11 August 2020 13:09

Remember when you used to sit around at family venues when it was late and all the cool cousins had arrived? Remember when you blasted that rock album and everyone sang along to the amazing and powerful lyrics that seemed to resonate from their very souls? Well if you do then you will really adore this new album! Parts X Fiction (pronounced Parts and Fiction) have released their 1st Album, which includes incredible songs like 'Contagion', 'Mad World' and 'The Tide'. Songs that you would absolutely jam to, late at night around a big bonfire with your friends, rock out to at rallies or secretly dance around in your bedroom to late at night with your headphones on.

Parts X Fiction is comprised of lead vocalist Mignon van Jaarsveld, vocalist and guitarist Reinecke van der Merwe, guitarist P.D du Plessis, drummer Nelis Du Plessis, as well as Sarel Reynolds on bass, who met through performing as musicians in various theatre productions. They teamed up to form Parts X Fiction, bringing with them their very own styles and thoughts and mixing them to create an incredible and diversely characterised sound that works on all levels. Levels that seem to work together with every new beat.

Imagine a strong, increasing tempo intermingled with magical interludes and powerful strong lyrics sung by powerful, clear voices… well, that is exactly what pulls you in with this album. Not only do the lyrics seem to tug on each individual emotion you have, but it also sweeps you up in its very own tidal wave and whisks you away. These new songs are not only strong and carefully constructed but the lyrics hold so much depth and passion that it is hard to turn away, harder yet to turn off. These lyrics are meaningful and carefree while also being independent and genuine, almost as though they were written with the very intention of connecting with the listeners’ soul.

This new album pulls in the band’s creativeness and uniqueness to create something entirely new and different. Not only do you hear all the different pieces and parts of their music but it is expertly pulled together to create a harmonious yet electrifying sound. Parts X Fiction seems to be very committed, making sure that their sound is diverse and different to their fans, bringing over music that is meaningful and overflowing with potential, leaving their fans completely in awe.

Lead vocalist, Mignon van Jaarsveld has said, “It is a perfect example of such social commentary and it conveys how we experience this modern age in all its madness.” when she spoke about one of the songs, 'Mad World', which will be released in this new album. This statement conveys almost exactly the feeling you feel when you listen to the album. The organised chaos and unspoken conversations of this crazy new era are brought subtly yet perfectly across in their songs, songs that find a way to mould and shape themselves around each thought and emotional pull.

Each song on this new album brings across a new element and emotion that has you begging for more but somehow leaving you revelling in the depth that you just experienced. Each different sound and style seems to co-exist and partner up to blend into an awe-provoking and inspiring album of songs. Breaking into your heart to find and build the pieces of courage and strength that lie there so that it leaves you empowered and ready to take on the world.

When it comes to an album like this, praise for their personal style is required. The personal touch is what creates something special and by that, this album is definitely special. If you are ready to have your soul opened and your mind hooked, then this is a perfect album for you! Parts X Fiction is nothing if not completely and undeniably true to themselves.

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