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Review: Hanru Niemand – ‘n app vir alles

| EP

Hanru Niemand’s take on the wonderful world wide web in ‘n app vir alles is a refreshingly light-hearted exploration of the ins and outs of a world dependent on social media.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Tuesday, 21 December 2021 07:04

Since the dawn of the hyper-connected age, countless artists have been more than vocal in their resistance to all things modern, opting for imaginings of moral and intellectual decay to make their points.

Niemand, on the other hand, takes a route that’s satirical, relatable, and serious at the end but most of all, it’s human.

“Tinder My” and “Mr Delivery” are upbeat folk numbers that look at the ups and downs of online dating and ordering in respectively with a tongue placed firmly in the cheek, their infectious humour making the more serious points easy to digest.

Then there’s “Is daar ‘n app daarvoor,” a sobering curtain call that reminds us there are some things in this world that can’t be done on the phone, things that require us to be brave in our humanity. However, hiding in the mournful vocals and hypnotic rhythms is a quiet playfulness that keeps existentialism from becoming over-powering.

n app vir alles could very easily have been a frightening mirror held up to humanity but Hanru Niemand’s decision to keep things light-hearted is what sets the EP apart from those who see nothing but the collapse of society.

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Singer-songwriter, Hanru Niemand

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Hanru Niemand

Hanru Niemand

  • Singer-songwriter

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About Hanru Niemand

Hanru Niemand has been on the South African scene since 2003, and has quietly made a name for himself.


Hanru Niemand - ''n app vir alles'

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