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Review: Pance Pony - ‘METAMORPHOSIZED’

| EP

American Alt-pop up-and-comer Pance Pony’s debut EP Metamorphosized is a fresh and at times playful journey into the darkest reaches of the mind.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Friday, 28 August 2020 09:00

Pance Pony started off her career as a cellist and, after winning the best songwriter award at the Global Music Awards, she enrolled at NYU where she expanded her musical knowledge to encompass, among others, pop, folk, EDM, and musical theatre. This wide musical Skillset has enabled her to create a dynamic, original EP that fuses all of her influences.

Pony’s playful songwriting is evident from the jump as the cheerfully intimidating 'Bloodthirsty' gets the show on the road before 'Forever Broken' puts her musical theatre know-how on display as she muses on loving someone who's been irreparably damaged.

'Tangled in Light' dabbles in the ethereal but misses the mark slightly as it verges on cliché, saved only by the honesty of the rap-lyrics towards the end.

'HYLMN', the curtain call, sees Pony going back to her roots. With cello in hand, she showcases her vocal prowess as she finds the strength to open herself up to the listener and put herself on full display, flaws and all.

With her unrelenting honesty and unique songwriting style, Pance Pony gives her debut EP an identity of its own, her vast array of influences making it difficult to compare the piece to anything else on the market.

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Alternative Rock, Pance Pony

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Pance Pony

Pance Pony

  • Alternative Pop

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About Pance Pony

Pance Pony is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in New York, New York. She began her career as a teacher and cellist, and has performed at Lincoln Center, 92nd Street Y, PBS, and recorded for NBC's studio album of RISE. Songwriting was only a hobby until her Soundcloud release "American Millennial Salvation" won the Global Music Awards for best songwriter. Pance went on to earn a Masters in Composition at NYU, where she studied privately with Broadway Music Director Joseph Church, and Grammy-winning songwriter David "Swagg" Arcelious Harris. She learned to blend her classical training with pop and hip-hop production to create a versatile and unique sound. In 2019, she was named the National Songwriters Hall of Fame Scholar. Pance has been in the studio with major artists such as Tone Stith, Leo the Kind, JAGMAC, and Di and Chi as a co-writer, producer, artist, and/or moral supporter. She created her debut EP @Metamorphosized: Act 1 in her home-studio during the COVID-19 lockdown.


Pance Pony - Metamorphosized

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