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Film Composer Ana Ortiz Wienken shares her musical work with us


Music is a unique form of human expression.

By Ana Ortiz Wienken

Published Monday, 11 May 2020 10:47

While we may choose the sweet melodies of Rachmaninoff or the exciting notes of Beethoven as the soundtracks to our lives, along the way we encounter artists whom, through music, have created a clash of colours gives voice to other forms of art; such as films, art 'happenings' and theatre.

One such extraordinary talent that stands out is Ms Ana Ortiz Wienken, a Spanish-Romanian composer, who has travelled as far as Los Angeles to work amongst the best, award-winning composers on films such as 'Smallfoot', Netflix's 'Élite' and 'SLAB' (a short film thriller internationally-acclaimed in Dublin and the United Kingdom).

Ana began her musical training at the Russian Conservatory Katarina Gurska of Madrid where she obtained a Magna Cum Laude degree in classical piano performance and contemporary composition. 

It was at Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), however, where she culminated her studies – graduating with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Film Scoring.

Upon her arrival in Los Angeles, Ana Ortiz Wienken had the honour of assisting and working alongside award-winning composers for the renowned Warner Bros. Studios, Music & Motion Productions, Team Disney, Output, Velvet Green Music, Chroma Music for TV and Advertising and the Latin Grammy Scholarship Foundation.

It is in sunny California where Ana Ortiz Wienken founded her own record label, AOW MUSIC PRODUCTIONS.  Since its conception, her company has released albums and film soundtracks that have gained her recognition at international film festivals, such as the Los Angeles Cine Fest, Boston Latino Film Festival, Wexford Film Festival and Bedford Film Festival.

Locally, Ana is a revered figure within the music industry, having performed at Spain's celebrated venue, the Real Sociedad Económica Matritense de Amigos del País, performing for Madrid's illustrious society of elite writers, composers, funders and politicians. Ms Ortis has also performed at the Teatro Gran Maestre, Madrid's famous theatre in the capital of Spain.

Indeed, Ana has graced the stages in Italy, Hungary, Germany, Panamá, and the USA.

What is Her Sound?

Ana's characteristic sound comes from her unique ability to fuse a full classical orchestra with electronic EDM. Digitally, she designs beat mapping and harmonic sequences, resulting in a fresh, innovative sound that adds impact to performances and films.

Ana is becoming a pioneer in this innovative method, as only a few composers have successfully mastered this technique.

The distinguished sound is quickly becoming Ana’s unique brand – her musical signature with which she has firmly left her mark on iconic scores like 'Game of Thrones' and 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

What Happens Inside The Studio?

Film and music work hand in hand, evoking emotions and act as a tool for expression –  a feeling, an idea or a dream. Music brings a film to life.

To record a high-level orchestra piece for any musical or film, Ana firstly composes a "sketch" to a light orchestration that she then adds to with an array of sounds and textures.

Her unique ability to fuse electronic beats with the organic sound of a classical orchestra adds a fresh sound to her original scores. 

Ana has worked with well-known studios, local and internationally, such as Land Ho! Audiovisual Solutions, Little Angel Productions, Ben Pix Studios, and many more.

"I like to experiment, to mix the organic sound of a classical orchestra with electronic music, this is how I brand my personal style..." []. 

Ana likes to enhance her scores with melodic and emotional themes. She aims to develop new sounds that push the boundaries of what we consider an “orchestra”. 

She is more focussed on creating from raw materials rather than developing technical skill. Using the skills she learnt at her Russian conservatory, she fuses a certain style of performing with contemporary instruments, which results in a vanguard style sound.

With the use of only a computer, a midi keyboard and her imagination, she creates sounds that range from epic to romantic, nostalgic or terrifying scores, that shape the roles within the films. 

Ana Ortiz Wienken currently combines teaching at London's prestigious music academy "Piano Lessons London by WKMT" with performing and composing for Broadway's "In The Heights", and musical director in an upcoming musical for Berklee College of Music's musical theatre department. 

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