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When 2020 Disappeared: 2018, 2019 … 2021!


Anybody else wants to forget about 2020 entirely? I know I do.

By Tristan Riddin

Published Monday, 27 July 2020 12:01

I want to completely forget that this was even deemed a year, forget all of it. Forget the stress and insanity. Who else is with me?

This has been the most frustrating and confusing year of my life and yes, maybe my life hasn’t been the longest but the statement still fits. Who knew at the beginning of this year that seven months down the line we would still be cooped up at home going crazy? Not me, that’s for sure. I thought I would be stress learning for finals and sneaking out for impromptu milkshake dates with my friends after school as we tried in vain to convince ourselves this was not our last year all together in the same place, not having class online and smelling hand sanitiser no matter where I went.

I was getting my driver’s licence, going to my Matric Farewell dance, probably cramming all my studies into that week before finals and acting like a normal sleep-deprived person. Of course, going out as a newly sprung 18-year-old was definitely on the list of things to do. 2020 was supposed to be the year of fun. Instead, I’m stuck behind a computer screen about 80% of the time and I can only really see my friends on the other side of said screen. I’m stuck hearing and reading about all the goings-on in the world and left knowing there is nothing I can do about it.

2020 was supposed to be the most amazing year ever. It was supposed to house so many things that were going to be absolutely fantastic. It was planned to the last detail. Then suddenly everything from music concerts to school events that had been pencilled onto calendars in 2019 and had us all holding our breath in anticipation, was now suddenly no more. This should have been the year we wouldn’t forget and sure, we won’t be forgetting it any time soon, but now it’s for the wrong reasons.

Things changed so quickly. They went from sunny-side-up to scrambled in the span of a few measly days. I know I definitely wasn’t prepared for it. One day I was sitting in class and gossiping about the Matric Farewell coming up the following week and then suddenly all plans were cancelled and I was locked up at home. I don’t think anyone expected or foresaw it being this bad, but country after the country started locking their doors and all of us at home were left doing the same.

So everything I had expected and anticipated was stolen away by the lockdown and even though it’s kept my family, friends and me safe, I can’t help but resent it at least a little bit. It tossed me into a rough sea and expected me to just suddenly have my footing, from learning how to study and attend classes online to being home with my siblings 24/7. Everything rushed at me at once and then when it seemed to finally begin to settle, everything churned and rushed at me once again.

Even as tired as I am and as crazy as I am going, I definitely feel even sorrier for the parents turned teachers all over the world. Having two younger siblings is hard enough, I think I upgraded from matric learner to temporary teacher in two seconds flat when it came to grade-7 algebra. If lockdown has taught me anything, it has taught me that children have an unlimited supply of energy that they use mostly to test your patience. Who knew that children did so much work and even more complaining about said work? I promise you, my siblings will find a way to complain about any and all work that they must do but I can’t really judge them for it because internally I am doing exactly the same thing.

2020 has been horrible in so many ways, from fires to the COVID-19 Corona-virus, it has been one of the most hectic years in reported history. People have lost jobs while others have become sick and bit by bit, my little piece of the world began to shrink. And yes, it’s been harder on some people more than others, but I think in our own way, each and every single one of us has been through some sort of testing obstacle course this year, but we have survived and will carry on surviving.

But lockdown hasn’t been all bad, even though it is as frustrating as anything. I know of a few families who have said that lockdown has brought them closer than they ever thought possible. Nothing like being cooped up in a house together to rebuild the family ties. Lockdown has proved to us just how tough we actually are. There really is an upside to almost everything.

Just remember to stay safe!

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