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Review: BRZASK – Brzask

| EP

This way comes a ferocious wind blowing throughout the frigid terrain of the Sudates carrying with it the darkened and frostbitten tunes of BRZASK.

By Russell Miller

Published Monday, 12 October 2020 09:17

The band first formed in 2019 as a tribute to the old guard of black metal and in-turn celebrate inking their new worldwide promotion deal with The Metallist PR. Coming in at a modest four track count, the polish quintet harnessed their love for the traditional Sudetian folklore and channel it through the cold dark mysticism that black metal of the 1990s infamously popularized within the metal community.

When BRZASK say that as a band they are in-part paying tribute to 90s black metal you would be well suited to believe them. The infancy of black metal made its mark on the evolution of extreme metal by uncompromisingly pushing the limits of the sonic experience for the average listener. Mix wise, BRZASK easily reproduces the chaotic energy of early classic tracks and the EP could easily wind up sandwiched between cuts from ULVER's early days, or even EMPORER's and glory days. Performance-wise, BRZASK sound more akin to fellow countrymen MGLA and with a slightly less frenetic pace, more groove, and vocals more akin to lower register growls commonly found in modern death metal.

Clocking in at a mere sixteen minutes or so, variety is expectedly scarce, but it does not take away from the experience of being thrown into the freezing wastelands that inspired the stories BRZASK have masterfully put to music. Each song, aside from the intro track, presents much of the same save for the closing track 'Crimson Dawn Ritual' which best displays the band's fearless and tasteful blend of melody and mayhem. For avid listener of this type of music, there is nothing but pure nostalgia. BRZASK have nailed the aesthetic and will leave you wanting more. 

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>> Monday, 03 October 2022 20:57

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  • Black Metal

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Hailing from very heart of the Sudeten mountains Polish BRZASK brings to the stage aggresive mix between melody, misticism and black metal. The band's inspiration comes mainly from the Sudetian folklore, and that is the reason why cult of "Rubezahl", and Sudetian legends are an inseparable element of BRZASK.


BRZASK – Brzask

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