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Review: Jodie Reid – ‘Suffer You’

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Jodie Reid’s latest single ‘Suffer You’ is both hypnotic and scathing in its rejection of those who think it’s okay to play games with other peoples’ hearts.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Monday, 14 June 2021 11:13

The single, taken from Reid’s upcoming album Robust Rebellion, is a break-away from the Irish-folk strains that made up her most recent album Celtic Commotion towards a more conventional folk sound that doesn’t sacrifice the Joburg based songwriter’s inherent individuality.

Underneath the nuanced, subtly evocative vocals lies an almost hypnotic composition that cycles between lullaby-comfort and unflinching frustration, guiding the emotional journey as Reid lambastes the narcissists of the world with a voice rich in tone and emotion.

There’s a dynamism to the vocals that makes them difficult to ignore that’s both tough-as-nails and vulnerable in its honesty, the lyrics clearly coming from a lot of introspection.

‘Suffer You’ captures a very specific feeling made up of a myriad of conflicting emotions; frustration and vulnerability colliding with anger and pain to create the rush that comes with standing up for yourself. 

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>> Tuesday, 04 October 2022 10:20

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Jodie Reid

Jodie Reid

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About Jodie Reid

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa; Jodie Reid has established herself as one of the most unusual singer-songwriters known to humans. With an enthusiasm for penguins and all things natural; she has released a diverse selection of songs with subjects ranging from volcanos to bed bugs and everything in between.


Jodie Reid - Suffer You

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