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Review: The Tazers – ‘Dream Machine'

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Energetic. Electrifying. Extraordinary. Crank up the volume and fasten your seatbelts for the psychedelic rock that is Dream Machine – a new EP blasted through the amps of The Tazers.

By Jodie Reid

Published Friday, 30 April 2021 07:32

Entertaining sounds characteristic of the 70s, the circuit of The Tazers comprises Jethro Lock (guitar, vocals), Guido Assmann (bass, vocals) and Tim Edwards (drums, vocals). The trio was formed in 2013 and have been extremely active over the years; making waves in the industry and playing at some of SA’s largest music festivals. Their album Plastic Kids was nominated for Best Rock Album (SAMAs, 2020) and their latest single ‘Go Away’ was featured on Shameless Hall of Shame.

Components aside, Dream Machine is full of powerful guitar riffs, intriguing drum rolls and laid-back vocals. It transports listeners to a stress-free environment where boundaries are stretched and inhibitions are non-existent. Dream Machine carries through subtle themes expressed in previous works like ­­‘Love Machine’ and ‘Shake it’ with sudden drops of call-and-response between music and vocals. Despite this similarity, The Tazers’ latest EP sets itself apart with the use of different effects that echo a dream-like state.

The first few bars of the track entitled ‘Dream Machine’ introduces an incredibly strong guitar riff which defines the mood of the song throughout its different interludes and leaves listeners feeling relaxed and mellow. ‘Go Away,’ is slightly faster and brings the electric energy that is characteristic of The Tazers with more rebellious lyrics and an overall feel of letting loose in a solitary environment. ‘Lonely Road’ alternates upbeat with toned down sections that create a feeling of sliding down into a dream. The final song, ‘Around Town’ seems to harness all remaining energy with instruments taking turns dominating the piece before shifting to slower, more psych-orientated sounds. This mellow pace continues throughout and leaves listeners somewhat stunned and searching for more.

Dream Machine is certainly an apt name for this EP; whether you are rocking with friends or testing eccentric dance moves in your bedroom – The Tazers deliver and carry listeners through different frames of mind in a psychedelic whirl of electricity.

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>> Monday, 03 October 2022 21:12

Psychedelic Rock, The Tazers

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The Tazers

The Tazers

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About The Tazers

The Tazers are a psychedelic rock band out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Fashionably old-school but with a modern twist. You can expect fuzz bass, phasing guitars and reverb-soaked vocals delivered with a pinch of psychedelia.


The Tazers - Dream Machine