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Review: Forsaking Fate - 'Forsaking Fate'

| EP

The death metal community has a new arrival in the form of East London, SA duo FORSAKING FATE.

By Russell Miller

Published Thursday, 10 October 2019 09:01

The project began in 2016 with the union of guitarist Grant Hensburg and drummer Rory Towens. What resulted from this was the release of a strong self-titled EP. Though they've been cooking this up for some time, it sounds as fresh as ever and today the world will receive the first of what is sure to be many courses. Together they have put together five tracks of straight forward in your face brutality that is sure to get mosh pits forming wherever and whenever it is played and feed the masses with its seemingly endless bombardment of savage riffs and explosive blast beats.

Some bands these days rely on flashiness and gimmicks to sell records and push music, but not these guys. Five tracks of in-your-face balls-to-the-wall headbang inducing chaos that fans of classic melodic death metal know and love is what you get here with a splash of thrash for taste. The tendrils of old Gothenburg metal influence is drenched all over the record but especially in lead single 'The End of Existence'. From the infectiously melodic riffs to the fury and unrelenting blast of the drums one could easily mistake this for a classic cut off an AT THE GATES record from 1995. Even though most of the EP spends its time at 11 'Souls of Demolition' does get to the groove in a way that doesn't appear beforehand with an absolutely filthy one-two punch of sick solo and earth-shaking break down that tastes like mid-2000's peak “melodeath” and thrashy metalcore.

New music, old sound, great ride. FORSAKING FATE does melodic death metal right and without compromise. If this EP is any indication, the future is bright for these guys.

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>> Monday, 03 October 2022 21:33

Dealth Metal, Symphonic Death Metal, Forsaking Fate

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Forsaking Fate

Forsaking Fate

  • Christian Metal, Death Metal

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About Forsaking Fate

Forsaking Fate are a Melodic Death Groove band from East London, South Africa


Forsaking Fate

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