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Review: Son of Leto - ‘Basement of Societies Underground’

| EP

Son of Leto’s Basement of Societies Underground is a mixture of a 70s approach to songwriting and a healthy dose of 21st-century sensibilities.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Tuesday, 09 June 2020 08:58

Musically the 5 track EP is filled with a sense of theatricality a la The Who while the lyrics and vocals bring in a more contemporary feel, at times verging on Alex Turner-esque. There’s also a bit of the funky flavour of RHCP, particularly on the title track where the grooves of the rhythm guitar keep the verses moving at a steady pace.

The opening track 'Been There Done That' gives a good enough indication of what the rest of the EP is going to sound like. The organ and drums in the intro are retro without being cheesy and lead into a song that never settles for predictability but rather twists and turns in unanticipated directions, a quality that helps establish the theatricality of the piece.

This sense of theatricality comes into its own on the rock-opera ready 'Losing Touch', "I’m stuck in a daze" sings vocalist Samuel Hyde, a chromatic chord progression emphasising each word of the chorus as you imagine him centre stage with only a spotlight for illumination. The different back-up vocals make it seem like there’s a conversation happening between Hyde and a supporting cast and the emotional progression from lost to almost-angry – the latter emphasised by a good old guitar solo – give the song a sense of added narrative importance.

The EP’s closing track 'Stun Gun Lullaby' is where the Alex Turner undertones shine through in the vocals. It’s particularly in the verses where the lyrical style, vocal intonations, and phrasing are reminiscent of the modern-day troubadour.

Basement of Societies Underground is an EP that always has something new to offer, with each listen, peeling back one of its many layers only to reveal something new and unexpected. If this is what Son of Leto are capable of on a debut EP then I think it’s only safe to say that these guys are going to make waves in the industry.

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>> Monday, 03 October 2022 20:52

Alternative Rock, Son of Leto

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Son of Leto

Son of Leto

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Son of Leto are an Alternative Rock band from the Mother City of Cape Town.


Son of Leto - Basement of Societies Underground

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