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Review: Jodie Reid – ‘The Cloaked Man’

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The video for Jodie Reid’s ‘The Cloaked Man’ is a master stroke of visual story-telling as it gives the single’s narrative an entirely new perspective. 

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Wednesday, 21 April 2021 09:24

Taken from her latest album Celtic Commotion. ‘The Cloaked Man’ is a tender Irish-folk ballad whose tale of love, mercy, and redemption strums the heart-strings delicately enough to bring a tear to even the most hardened of hearts.

Reid’s voice seems empathetic and free of judgement as she spins her story with the music swirling around her in a cyclical and almost hypnotic fashion; the reliability of the composition and the sense of comfort in her vocals creating a safe space for those looking for a place to rest their weary souls.

The video, at first, seems somewhat incongruent; after all what does a dismembered mannequin have to do with a weary soldier tired of fighting? However, as time goes on and the lyrics do their thing it all starts making sense.

Where the song largely focuses on our male protagonist the video gives us his maiden’s point of view. With the mannequin, seemingly, representing the cloaked man we watch as our female lead, in the process of putting him back together, finds her own sense of salvation and self-confidence. 

The concept, admittedly, is a bit left-field and takes a moment to come into its own but once that happens it changes everything. What was a story about a mysterious man finding solace in the arms of a nurturing woman becomes a beautiful tale of mutual salvation and unconditional love.

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Jodie Reid

Jodie Reid

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About Jodie Reid

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa; Jodie Reid has established herself as one of the most unusual singer-songwriters known to humans. With an enthusiasm for penguins and all things natural; she has released a diverse selection of songs with subjects ranging from volcanos to bed bugs and everything in between.


Jodie Reid - The Cloaked Man

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