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Review: Kimon Rayne - 'Flowers Don't Speak'

| EP

Kimon Rayne’s latest EP “Flowers Don’t Speak” is tender in its minimalism but still has enough groove to get the feet tapping.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Thursday, 28 November 2019 09:05

Combining elements from tropical, tech house, and downtempo to create unique soundscapes Rayne asks us to see nature for what it is: something that is essential to all life on earth and therefore demands respect and appreciation.

The opening track, 'Water & Light', uses the life-preserving qualities of water as a way of explaining how music keeps Rayne going. The steady back-beat keeps the song going as his smooth vocals mix with the delicate melodies and create the feeling of a river easing its way to the ocean.

'Undergrowth' takes a darker, almost sinister turn. The tension in the song creates an eerie, otherworldly atmosphere. There’s a darkly seductive quality to Rayne’s voice as he tries to lure us into an appreciation of the quiet hours.

'Strong Roots' brings in a stronger dance beat in an ode to finding support in one’s life before 'Droplets' brings a calm, appreciative curtain down on the piece.

'Flowers Don’t Speak' expresses itself through minimalism, letting the whole arrangement tell the story instead of just the vocals which opens the door to interesting, evocative aural landscapes.


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EDM, Electronic Dance Music, Kimon Rayne

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Kimon Rayne

Kimon Rayne

  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

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About Kimon Rayne

Kimon Rayne is a South African multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer. With a global sound rooted in electronic dance music, Kimon reaches into the world of Indie and Electro-Pop music with strong ties into emotional Downtempo, Tech House and Bass House styles that all culminate into one fresh, yet surprisingly relatable and often undeniably beautiful sound that crowds will not only relate to, but dance to until the rise of the next day.


Kimon Rayne - 'Flowers Don't Speak' EP

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