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Review: Warfaith – 'Pint of Pills'

| EP

Warfaith’s 'Pint of Pils' is a Mixed Bag That Fails to Captivate.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Monday, 22 April 2019 03:39

Fun-loving French thrash-metal outfit Warfaith’s latest EP Pint of Pils is simultaneously serious and tongue-in-cheek. For every song about the state of the world or humanity, there’s a song about getting smashed and having a good time. It’s also an EP of two halves, with the second half doing a decent job of fixing what the first half got wrong.

This EP is proof of how tricky thrash metal can be. Opening track aside, the first few songs find themselves lacking in production value and suffering from a bad case of monotony. With guitar riffs and vocals that get stuck in patterns and the same kind of tempo used throughout there isn’t enough range to keep the music interesting.

'Night of the Drunk' marks a noticeable change in the EP’s dynamics. The rhythms change and there seems to be more freedom for the music to grow and develop. The songs that follow each have their own identity and almost sound like they’re being played by a different band. They sound tighter, more professional, and make you wonder exactly what was happening in the first half.

Pint of Pils is a Jekyll and Hyde EP and proves that when working with a genre like thrash metal you need to be very wary of becoming monotonous.

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About Warfaith

Warfaith is a Thrash Metal Band from Lorraine, created in 2012.


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