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Review: Josh Middleton – ‘Caught Up’

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Josh Middleton climbing charts and capturing hearts with his newest hit single, Caught Up.

By Tristan Riddin

Published Monday, 06 July 2020 10:09

If you’re beginning to think everything is going just a little crazy and juggling your life seems kind of weird right now, I’ve got just the song for you. Josh Middleton released his new single, Caught Up, on the 8th of May 2020 and it has been steadily climbing the charts. But why wouldn’t it? Not only does it make you want to belt out the lyrics, but it also has you relate to it on a more personal level as only the best songs could.

Josh Middleton stepped onto the scene at quite a young age as a singer/songwriter who had grown up spending his years between London and Johannesburg. His music holds a diverse and mixed genre, that will attract almost anyone’s attention. Josh started as a singer on YouTube, covering songs from artists who influenced and drove him and was soon discovered by labels and scouts alike for his extraordinary talent and incredible vocals. His music has been said to resemble soulful ballads intertwined with some acoustic pop and he seems to hit every melody just right.

Josh wrote and produced his own single alongside producer, Crighton Goodwill of Good Noise Productions. The song has a range of live instruments, catchy lyrics and is laced with a foot-tapping bass to create an authentic and energetic sound. A sound that the world has been waiting to hear more of.

When asked about his inspiration for this new single and the meaning behind it, Josh went on to say, “I find that juggling a music career, studying business and having a social life can be really tough especially when you’re in a relationship. Sometimes you just get caught up.” And I don’t think anyone could really agree more. His lyrics speak of the ending of a relationship and the after the realisation that it was a mistake and all because you had been caught up in everything else. Relatable much? I think so.

This new single, Caught Up, precedes Josh’s second and newest album, A Mild Case of Insomnia and if this album is anything like what he has bought to us before, it’s sure to be a complete hit.

Whatever our expectations for Josh’s new album and songs are, there is cause to believe that he is going to exceed all our expectations and come out with an even bigger inspiration then he already is. In the end, the only thing to be said about Josh Middleton’s new single is that it is definitely on its way to the top. So we’ll be watching out for this newest rising star.

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Josh Middleton

Josh Middleton

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About Josh Middleton

Emerging as a dual national, singer, and songwriter, who’s music resembles a twist of soulful ballads and acoustic pop. Josh Middleton, has spent part of his early years between London and Johannesburg, honing in on the enormity of diverse cultures each city offers which has influenced his writing and genre.
At 17 years old, Josh has burst into an industry defying norms, crossing borders and drawing tears to his audience's eyes through the powerful lyrics he writes. With his quirky appearance and maturity beyond his years, there is much to love about this old soul.


Josh Middleton - 'Caught Up' off A Mild Case of Insomnia album

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